About John Kurczak

John Kurczak is a licensed third-generation realtor with an insatiable desire to serve his clients; real estate is an industry that he has developed mastery in the course of 25 years, closing sales on well over $25 million worth of commercial and residential real estate over the past five years, qualifying himself in the Top 5% of Michigan Realtors annually.

Beginning at the age of thirteen, John started with management of his parent’s investment and rental properties.  Meanwhile, his work ethic and commitment to customer service allowed him to become one of the youngest restaurant managers in a highly popular international food chain.  From there, he moved to business ownership, serving thousands of customers weekly in his two independent film and music theaters—all while selling real estate and being proprietor for up to thirty tenets at a time.

John’s experience makes him the absolute best at serving his clients.  It is so rare to find a real estate agent that can assist you in finding or selling a property who has his experience with purchasing and marketing properties because he himself has done it; most of the competition has not been in your shoes looking at purchasing a business, or had as much experience in purchasing his own home.  Even through today, John has multiple rental properties that he maintains in order to be up-to-date in serving you, his client.

John Kurczak is skilled in negotiating with clients of all heritages.  Whether it is from the Indian nation, Arabian, Asian or European nations, John understands the cultures of a multitude of people around the world, making him the best in relating to and servicing this client base.

John will make your residential or commercial estate buying a truly enjoyable process, beginning with his honesty, friendliness and around-the-clock service to convince his customers to want to return.

It does not cost you any more to  work with a top real estate agent, but it may cost you thousands if you choose not to work with a top real estate agent.

Give John a call today.  There are many other great real estate agents out there, but you might just regret your decision if you do not call John Kurczak for your market or purchase your property.